The Year That Inspired Trust and Confidence in our Project

It’s October here in the Caribbean, and it is a wonderful time of the year – warm, sunny, and beautiful during the day, with nights perfect for enjoying a walk on the beach, or dinner out in town. But really, the reason for this post is to do more than talk about the weather… we have exciting news, and we want to share it with all our loyal clients and potential buyers!


We are just getting started! 

We are thrilled to announce we have opened up presale for the Condos at Selva Escondida. Situated directly behind phase one, we are confident that these units are a sound investment opportunity. With 710 sq. ft of sunlit living space, two bedrooms, one-bathroom, open floor plan living and dining room, breakfast bar & kitchen, utility room, and parking area, there is plenty of space to relax, unwind, and enjoy the Caribbean lifestyle.

The Condos at Selva Escondida are where urban living meets the jungle. Think Tulum before it became too busy and overcrowded for some people’s taste. They are three-story buildings, including a Garden floor and Penthouse. Amenities include 24 hrs. surveillance, security, groundskeeping, and much more.

Our location in Puerto Morelos, the hidden jewel of the Caribbean, makes investing in one of our properties an easy choice! But let’s take a step back here and answer a question we sometimes receive from potential buyers. 

Why should I invest my hard-earned money in Selva Escondida? 

Well, we could tell you many things. We could tell you that our number one goal is to create the best investment opportunities for you, providing a high return on investment. We could also share that Grupo Miraro, the land developer responsible for the project is a hardworking, reputable company with an excellent reputation. We also know some of that could just seem like words that are easy to say. But we do have something better than all that… Evidence. Physical proof of our dedication, hard work, and commitment to our clients. 

Success in a year of uncertainty  

2020 has not been an easy year, as we all know. But we met the challenge of COVID-19 safely and confidently because we knew how important this project was to our clients. You could say that we are not just in the business of building homes but building dreams. Whether it be Nationals who are looking for a second home near the beach, or American and Canadians looking to turn a vacation into a lifestyle, we understand that you placed these dreams and plans in our hands, and now it was up to us to deliver on that. Our buyers are more than just numbers to us, they are people with families, and with aspirations for a higher quality of living.

In a year of challenges, not only did we see phase one of the Homes at Selva Escondida to completion, but we did it ahead of schedule. Have no doubts, we will keep right on doing the same with the condos as well. They are scheduled for completion in May 2021. And if you have any concerns about working with us, we hope that the very fact that we were able to complete this project in such a challenging time inspires trust. Whether it be completion dates, contract details, or managing the HOA, we deliver on our promises. 

Another reason we can be so successful in all our endeavors is thanks to our team. We have strong core family values and believe that our staff is one of our most valuable assets, and so we made sure to provide them with a safe workplace, enabling us to complete the Homes at Selva Escondida on time. They are all family to us, and we couldn’t do it without them. 

Hundreds of happy buyers can’t be wrong! 

The fact that our first phase sold out so rapidly in a year so challenging also speaks to another important fact: The high demand for these homes. In a time where you may think many would be holding off on investing, our buyers saw a huge opportunity and acted on it. Not only are these homes solidly constructed and beautifully situated, you just won’t find new construction this close to the Caribbean for such an affordable price. We have found that for many, this year gave them the time to think about what is truly important in life, and they’ve concluded that it is time with their families, a place to escape the business of life, and making a sound investment in their future. 

The condos have high-quality living conditions with a prime location less than three kilometers from the beach. With terrific amenities like 24-hour security, swimming and wading pools, a workout area and multipurpose court, barbeque grills, a kid’s play area, and pet-friendly areas, it’s an easy choice. 

If you are ready to place your dreams in our capable hands, the time to act is now. Foreign currency is at an all-time high, and we have not increased the price of our homes in response to the currency rate, so your money simply goes further here. Since we are currently in the presale stage for the apartments, prices will never be as low as they are right now. Contact one of our sales associates today and see how easy and affordable it is to attain the life you have been dreaming of. 



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