10 Amazing Reasons to Make Mexico your New Home

When it comes to spending your retirement or vacation home dollars, we know you have a lot of choices. We have been speaking with some of our foreign clients and neighbors, and here we’re sharing some of the reasons they have decided to call the Riviera Maya their home.

  1. Beautiful beaches with easy access.

Naturally, one of the top things that draws people from around the globe is our incredible white powder sand beaches. We hear time and time again how amazing it is that here in Puerto Morelos, there is easy, free beach access with plenty of parking. Selva Escondida is 8 minutes by car to the beach. One couple Mark and Maryanne, from Chicago, US says “Even if we don’t have much time to spend at the beach, we will go because it’s so easy to get there! It is always worth the short drive.”

  1. A more peaceful way of life.

It is no secret that things have been a bit tense in the United States, Canada, and other parts of the world this past year or so. People in Mexico – Nationals and ex-pats alike – tend to be relaxed, focusing less on world events and more on day-to-day life and what immediately affects them. Time is spent with family, enjoying good food, and soaking up the beautiful weather. One of our neighbors, Janet from Illinois, US says with conviction ”I love my life here. I can’t imagine living anywhere else.” Now, more so than ever, the idea of slowing down, having less stress, and living fully in the moment appeals to people.

  1. Excellent, affordable healthcare.

Don’t let the thought of healthcare be a deterrent to retiring in Mexico. People in Mexico need good healthcare just like Americans or Canadians, and there are excellent doctors here. Legal residents in Mexico qualify for a national healthcare insurance, which is about $380 USD per year for an average retiree, 55 to 65 years old. You do not need a prescription for many medications, and prescription drugs are, on average, half the cost of the States.

  1. A soft landing.

Mexico makes it fairly easy for people to move here. Official permission to retire in Mexico is relatively easy to come by. Return travel to the United States is affordable and convenient, especially here in Puerto Morelos, where the Cancun airport is just 15 minutes away. Another reason it is not a difficult move is because plenty of people have blazed the trail before you, and in this digital age, information is abundant online, answering just about any question you may have.

  1. A friendly welcome.

Mexico generally has a very hospitable, welcoming culture, making it easier for foreigners to feel at home. Many of our clients and neighbors say this is one of the biggest reasons they chose Puerto Morelos as their new home. People truly care and help one another. One couple Jordan and Beverly from Ontario, Canada, living in a gated community close to Selva Escondida says “We know most of neighbors names and talk with them often.”

  1. Cost of living and quality of life.

While there are many ex-pat locales with pretty beaches and warm weather, many of them are very costly to live or buy a home. The affordability makes Puerto Morelos an easy choice. And in comparison to your home country, the cost of living here is lower on just about everything you can think of. Whatever your little indulgence may be – dinners out on the weekend, in-home massages, a housekeeper, or days spent on an award-winning golf course, you can afford them here.

  1. Safety.

More than 100 million people live their daily lives all across the country worry-free, and the United States classifies travel to Mexico at about the same level of danger as travel to Germany. The media loves misrepresentation and drama, so while it’s true that Mexico struggles with some issues, and that some locations in Mexico are dangerous, the media has fixated on these areas, often portraying the whole of Mexico – which is a huge, diverse country – as much more dangerous than it is. Many of the people here in Puerto Morelos tell us they feel safer here than in the city they moved from.

  1. Growing environmental awareness.

The new generation of Mexicans has an awareness of environmental and sustainability issues, and genuinely cares about the future of the country. This has resulted in a better quality of life here as it becomes cleaner and people celebrate the culture that makes Mexico special. People are also becoming more interested in buying local. Here in Puerto Morelos, we even have our own farm-to-table restaurant, El Pirata. Make sure to visit their nearby farm, Koox Ich Kool, where you can enjoy a 6-course dinner and tour. And if you are looking for organic and sustainable products, you can find them here as this is nothing new to the resourceful locals.

  1. Affordable exploration.

Here in Puerto Morelos, you can have a home conveniently located close to a modern airport, making it easy to visit many amazing regions and cultural destinations of Mexico, all without changing currency or needing a passport. Travel within the country is safe and affordable. One retired Canadian couple say they are having the time of their life, traveling more than they ever thought possible and meeting new people.

  1. An ancient and modern culture.

A large number of Mayan communities still exist in the Yucatan and retain their culture. The Mayan people are known to be some of the kindest and most welcoming people you can meet. If you want to appreciate the language, food and beauty of these indigenous people, you can hire a certified Mayan guide to visit a traditional home and enjoy a true Mayan meal. You can also experience an ancient Mayan blessing performed by one of the few remaining Mayan Shaman.

There also is a new, emerging sense of creativity in this area of Mexico, perhaps inspired by the tropical surroundings, the spirit of the country, or due to the lower cost of living, and people have the time and energy to pursue their passions. There are artists of all sorts, and a growing food scene with incredible Mexican chefs exploring our regional ingredients and reimagining them in new, exciting ways. There is a lot of culinary talent moving here as well, creating an international dining scene begging to be explored and tasted.

If this sounds good to you and you have already become one of our clients, congratulations, and welcome home. If you haven’t just yet, send us an email, and we will promptly put you in touch with one of our English-speaking sales advisors!


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